Starr Gallery of Western Art

Starr Gallery of Western Art

 The Land, The People, The Artists’ Vision

The Starr Gallery of Western Art, located in the Council Room of the newly constructed Bourgeois House at Historic Old Fort Benton, features noted Montana sculptor Bob Scriver’s No More Buffalo Collection, along with rare Karl Bodmer prints detailing Montana’s scenery and Indian cultures in the 1830s.

The Scriver collection has been at Edmonton’s Provincial Museum of Alberta for the past decade and is now on loan to the River and Plains Society from the Montana State Historical Society. The prints from Swiss painter Karl Bodmer’s travels with Prince Maximilian to the interior of North America still stand today as the most accurate and detailed pictures of Native American life during that era.

Visitors may also view the office and living quarters of Alexander Culbertson and his wife Natawista, the founders of Fort Benton.



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