The Wolfers




James Willard Schultz
Soft Cover $17.99

James Willard Schultz was born in Boonville, New York, and even as a young lad always wanted to go West. He did so as an 18 year old in 1877, stepping off a steamboat at the levee in Fort Benton on the upper Missouri River. Befriended by the noted trader and scout, Joe Kipp, Schultz lived the the Blackfoot during the final years of the buffalo days, going on buffalo hunts, skirmishing with the Crows and the Assiniboines, going on horse-taking raids, and even marrying a Blackfoot woman.

In later years, Schultz became a noted storyteller and writer, publishing 37 books between 1907 and 1940. He also wrote many stories for magazines which were written in installments over a number of issues. One not published during his lifetime in book forms was “The Wolfers – Woodhawking upon the Upper Missouri,” an adventure story appearing in American Boy in 1922-1923. It reveals Schultz in all of his strength as a writer who loved the life he depicts and captures the spirit of the times in a way that excites the reader and breathes of authenticity.


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