The Vanishing West – Hornaday’s Buffalo




The Vanishing West – Hornaday’s Buffalo
Edited by John G. & Susan F. Lepley
Soft Cover

This book is a collection of writings about these historic buffalo. The selections are taken from newspapers and magazines of the period, articles about the expedition, and reports and technical writing by William T. Hornaday.  The book describes the expedition West to obtain the specimens, the techical taxidermy work and the ultimate historic importance of the bufflao themselves.

William Hornaday was a giant in his professions, as a taxidermist and as a museum curator. He revolutionized the manner in which animals were mounted and displayed. Hornaday’s natural settings and family groups brought exhibits in natural history museums to a new level of excellence. These six mouts were the first group of large mammals ever displayed using his method. For many reason they have become a nation treasure from the Old West.


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