Forever Faithful The Story of Shep




Edited by John G. & Sue Lepley
Soft Cover $5.00

Probably no dog story ever touched so many people around the world as did the story of Shep. His loyalty and faithfulness remains a shining example for everyone. Man is a compassionate being. His close relationship with dogs through the ages has stimulated many stories of particular importance and sentiment. Shep’s story could easily have been lost without the dedication of Ed Shields. Jim Wood, Pat McSweeney and Tony Schanche. During those early days when the dog was first noticed at the depot, they asked questions and eventually put together the pieces of the intriguing story.

There was no attempt to document the story of Shep through eye-witness accounts, or written or historical research. Only people and their memories recorded the events of this amazin story. Names were lost and people were forgotten….because this is the story the dog Shep and his undying faithfulness to his master.

It is a heartwarming story, told as truthfully and as accurately as people could recall. Accept it, enjoy it, and believe it. The tellers of Shep’s story were not interested in a fable, only the true story of a dog and his love for his master.


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