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Located in Fort Benton "The Birthplace of Montana"™  the Heritage Complex is the home of Old Fort Benton, The Museum of the Upper Missouri, The State of Montana's Museum of the Northern Great Plains, Homestead Village, The Hornaday Smithsonian Buffalo Gallery, The Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center, The Overholser Research Center, The Schwinden Library, and The Montana Agricultural Center.

  • Historic Old Fort Benton
  • Cheif Joseph's Surrender Rifle
  • The Hornaday Smithsonian Bison
  • Homestead Village

Step back in time as you explore the history of the American West at Fort Benton, Montana's remarkable museums. Explore hundreds of years of frontier history. The time of the Blackfeet hunts on the northern plains, the passage of Lewis & Clark, the fur & robe trade from palisaded forts along the Upper Missouri, and the final attempts to settle the great plains...all the stories are yours to experience at Fort Benton's remarkable museums.

Significant items on display include:
  • Chief Joseph's Surrender Rifle at the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center
  • The 5 Millionth IHC/Farmall Tractor at the Museum of the Northern Great Plains
  • John Mix Stanley's portrait of Alexander Culbertson and the Hornaday Smithsonian Gallery
  • Alexander Culbertson's sword and Andrew Dawson's shotgun at Historic Old Fort Benton
  • The bell and telegraph from the Steamboat Far West
  • The Hornaday Smithsonian Bison

At Fort Benton's museums, you’ll explore 200 years of Western and frontier history... authentic stories of great adventure and sometimes great tragedies.

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Historic Old Fort Benton

The Starr Gallery of Western Art

The Museum of the Northern Great Plains

The Hornaday/Smithsonian Buffalo and Strand Western Art Gallery

Homestead Village

The Museum of the Upper Missouri

The Upper Missouri River Breaks
NM Interpretive Center

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Fort Benton, Montana 59442
8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon - Weekdays
Email the Museum's Office
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